Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weekly Rant: Marriage Prep and DMV

I had a weekend long marriage prep course for the Catholic Church. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world but the timing was horrible. I missed almost all four football games this weekend. After a weekend of preaching sacrifice, communication, prayer, yada yada yada I was beginning to resent the Lord almighty. And then it happened. Our morning session ended early and I was able to go to a local bar during lunch break to watch the second half of the Niner's game. First time I could remember my prayers being answered. Maybe there is something to this religious stuff.

Only picture I got at the Louvre before my camera ran out of battery

Edit: I just remember my favorite part of marriage prep. One of the lady's was talking about the creation of Eve and she quoted:
Genesis 2:18 The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."

The next thing the lady explained was, "As you can see there are problems with the translation because what God meant was he created an equal partner for Adam." 

I guess what I wrote above could qualify in the things that piss me off section but I don’t want the Angels at the gates of heaven to print out a copy of my blog and hold it against me.

So here’s what really pissed me off:

I went to the DMV the other week to get some insurance and registration information straightened out for my car. I needed my proof of insurance and money to get my registration reinstated.
I get to the front of the line and tell him what I need and 
He says, “Do you have a confirmation number?”
Me: No, but here’s my insurance and money to pay.
Him: You need to enter in your insurance information online, pay the fee, get a confirmation number and then bring it back to me.
Me: You can’t just do it here. I have everything that you want me to enter online.
Him: No, you have to do it online and bring the confirmation number here.

As I stormed out the DMV my thought was, “What would happen if I was an old person? Would I still need to get on a computer enter in my information, get a confirmation number and then return to the DMV? While most companies have flourished due invention of the internet, the DMV has somehow managed to use the internet to make things more difficult for their customers.

On a funny side note: It was kind of funny that every time someone left the counter the next person in line would approach the employee. He would then angrily shout, “Stay in the line until you are called!”

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