Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weekly Rant: R.I.P Mandela 12-11-13

Just as the world was getting over the loss of Paul Walker we lose another historical figure, Nelson Mandela. I won’t wax poetically about the impact he had on the world because the new coverage of Mandela over the last 48 hours should suffice.
I only wish that there won’t be any more famous deaths in the coming weeks but unfortunately it’s a scientific fact that they come in three’s.
A movie about Manela will be released in the US on Christmas day. The conspiracy theorist in me says that this could be one of the greatest publicity stunts in history.

Stringer Bell as Nelson Mandela

I saw a Rick Santorum interview on Fox news, well I don’t remember what station it was but I assume it was Fox because they’re the only “news” organization that encourages it’s pundits to say stupid things. Anyways, he compared Apartheid to Obama Care. That being said, I have a favor to ask. If you have ever voted for Rick Santorum please stick your voting hand in the toaster and turn it on. If you have any friends that have voted for Rick Santorum, please pass along my request.

On to a lighter note:
Amazon, along with companies, is planning on doing home delivery via flying drones. They already have model drones that can carry packages up to 5lbs, which is about 85% of their distribution. There are a lot of potential problems to work out before this becomes reality but with technology and ingenuity all these can be solved in the next 5 years or so. All the problems except for one: the young male. I expect to see a whole YouTube channel dedicated to a new generation of young men creatively taking down Amazon and Pizza Hut drones for sport. Amazon would be lucky if their drones returned with only a few pairs of shoes hanging from them.

This should probably go in my movie review section....
I was watching Fast and Furious 6 and was literally laughing out loud. I think I laughed more during this movie than all Rob Schneider and Tyler Perry movies combined. After each Fast movie I say to myself, “no way can they make another movie more ridiculous than this one”, and each time I proven wrong. Just for once I would like to see an unsuccessful attempt at jumping from car to car going 100 mph. Or maybe Vin Diesel applying a little ice to his back after being sent airborne by crashing his car at 80 mph into a rail of a bridge, flying through the air, catching someone who was also sent airborne by a tank crash, and padding his fall by landing on his back against a parked car on the adjacent bridge.

Disclaimer: As the years go by I realize that I don’t want to waste anymore of my life watching bad movies or TV shows. But every now and then I find myself on an airplane or train when I can justify prodigal behavior.

Things That Pissed Me Off:

Canuck Taxes:
I've been in Vancouver for a week and am getting hit with new surprise taxes each day. Whatever price beer you see on the menu feel free to add another dollar for taxes.
My friend and I bought 4 cinnamon rolls and got charged a "sin" tax, at least that's what the people at the bakery called it. We were told that if you buy 6 cinnamon rolls there is no tax because they assume you're buying it for your family. Makes sense right?

Validating Tickets:
When you use public transportation you are supposed to validate your ticket or else you could be charged a huge fine if the Gripper finds you. But in all the more developed countries they never check and you ride "can" ride for free. So this leaves it up to the honor system. In Vancouver it costs me $2.75 to ride the bus. I think this is excessive, so I don't want to pay it, but I also know that I am an honorable person. Now you see my dilemma. 
I have enough daily adversity where I don't need excess stress caused by an internal struggle between good and evil every time I ride the bus!

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