Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Overrated: Tom Brady and Giselle

This is my first entry into my new series: Overrated.

Edit update: 1-9-15
Fun Stat:

Tale of two Tom's.
                                                                                                TD's   INT's    Passer Rating
Brady in close games final margin of victory 0-7 points       129      74             88
Brady in blowouts final margin of victory 15+ points           194      35            111

Brady is super clutch in blowouts. Not so much in close games.

Edit update 1-21-13

How has "Mr. Clutch" fared since the Patriots got caught cheating?

Here's a year by year breakdown:
Throws 2 INT's in 13-27 loss Jake Plummer led Broncos
Manages to beat San Diego while throwing 3 INT's luckily the 4th one bounced off the defenders chest
Chokes away a 21-3 lead to the Colts. Propelling Manning to his first Superbowl.
Humongous  favorites over the Giants. Going for the perfect season and and leading the best offense ever. Pulls probably the biggest choke job in NFL history and loses 17-14
Big Home Favorite vs Ravens and lose 33-14 to a second year Joe Flacco
Big Home Favorites vs Jets and lose 28-21 to Mark Sanchez
Poor performance vs the Ravens and should have lost but got bailed out several times. If you watched the game you don't need me to elaborate.
Favorites to the Giants and lose 21-17

Big Home Favorites to the Ravens and lose 28-13

Brady and the Patriots have been Huge playoff favorites in many games these past 8 years because he has been unbelievable in meaningless regular season games. Often blowing out teams and perennially putting up some of the best offensive regular season statistics. However, when it comes to the big playoff games Brady shrinks. Those monstrous offensive performances disappear.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy Movement

Taking my pet Bull for a walk on my trip to NYC last month
to get the Occupy Movement started

The Occupy movement has given people a medium to go out and blame the "Man" for anything and everything. This is obviously a good thing. When your life goes into the crapper it feels better when you have someone to blame. The problem is that after several months of protesting and finger pointing people usually stop caring and the Occupy movement likely will just become Occupy. I know this because it has been going on in Berkeley for almost 4 decades in a place called People's Park. Even though it is kind of cool to have a designated area in the heart of the city for the homeless; you are likely to contract an STD during your daily stroll through the park. If you're lucky you will just be harassed for not being a hippie by a former protester/hippie turned destitute/demented person. Either way I'm not sure every major city in America is ready for their own Peoples Park.

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