Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy Movement

Taking my pet Bull for a walk on my trip to NYC last month
to get the Occupy Movement started

The Occupy movement has given people a medium to go out and blame the "Man" for anything and everything. This is obviously a good thing. When your life goes into the crapper it feels better when you have someone to blame. The problem is that after several months of protesting and finger pointing people usually stop caring and the Occupy movement likely will just become Occupy. I know this because it has been going on in Berkeley for almost 4 decades in a place called People's Park. Even though it is kind of cool to have a designated area in the heart of the city for the homeless; you are likely to contract an STD during your daily stroll through the park. If you're lucky you will just be harassed for not being a hippie by a former protester/hippie turned destitute/demented person. Either way I'm not sure every major city in America is ready for their own Peoples Park.

Here's a few random pictures from the hippies
of the 70's and the Occupiers of today. It's kinda
hard to tell the difference.

I think this guys the landlord on the west side
He probably has some space open
If you disagree and think you're city could use one I suggest you come down to Berkeley and spend a weekend in People's Park to see if you enjoy it. You'll either decide it's not for you or maybe you'll love it so much you won't leave.

You might even get a free lunch hand out

Wouldn't you be pissed if you were homeless sleeping in a cardboard box and a bunch of people decided they didn't want to sleep in their houses. So they bought some cozy tents, moved in next right next you, ignored you and zipped up their windows when you asked them for change.

Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of the movement for several reasons. In fact I am a big fan of almost any movement as long as it doesn't involve overweight grown men dressed in leather. 

Not really my cup of tea.

Here's a few of my reasons for supporting the movement:

Starbucks wouldn't let this guy use their bathroom

1. I am all for people being allowed to camp in public places and use Starbucks bathrooms without having to purchase overpriced coffee or dry brownies. 

2. In only a few weeks this movement has already created more jobs for street vendors, picketing supply stores, tear gas companies and police horse protective gear manufactures. 

3. Most of all I really appreciate the attempt to bring back Spirit Fingers. I admit it, I'm a huge Bring it On fan. A great movie with an even greater message.

Inventor of Spirit Fingers

Hippie Spirit Fingers

This is what happens when an idea becomes a movement

Even the Pope is trying to bring back Spirit Fingers

Jenny was the Anti-Forrest Gump.
Beautiful, smart and caring but the
universe only handed her misfortune
This part is for Dudes only. I know that the only reason guys participate in anything that doesn't involve sports or video games is so they can get chicks. However the truth is that the depiction of hippie chicks is misguiding. They don't look like Princess Buttercup from Forrest Gump (pictured right) or Kevin Arnolds sister from Wonder Years (pictured below).

Such a great show

Before you decide this is your generations chance
to become a hippie don't let the  propoganda fool you...
Hippie chicks do not look like this

The truth is they look more like this

See you all at the movement. I will be the guy selling sausages on the street. Until next time Suckas!

Sometimes I eat my own sausage

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