Thursday, March 31, 2016

Batman V Superman

The new Wonder Woman might be the only
reason to see this movie
I have not seen this movie, nor do I intend to. But that will not stop me from critiquing it. 

It is stupid to think Batman would be any more than a wingless fly to Superman. Case in point; In the movie Superman, Superman gets so upset he decides to reverse time. He does this by flying faster than the speed of light. * Let’s do some math. The radius of Earth is 4k miles, the speed of light is 180k/mph, that means that he could circle the earth 7.5 times per second. Basically, he could grab Batman and fly him to Djibouti and back 7 times before Batman could snap his fingers. Not to mention, the amount of power he can generate flying at such a high velocity would literally destroy Batman, every country in his path, and probably the whole planet.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

More welfare please

What would happen if you refused to pay your taxes?
Democrats and Republicans agree that you’d go to jail.

Here’s another thing they agree on…
What would happen if a corporation refuses to pay taxes? They don’t have to pay them.

U.S. Corporations currently have an estimated $2.1 trillion in untaxed profits. They refuse to pay taxes unless we lower the rate from 35% to 10%. Obviously the Democrats and Republicans are planning to pass a bill so they get their wishes. We will be giving $400 Billion in corporate welfare.

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