Thursday, May 1, 2014

Donald Sterling

I was actually in the states for a little and sure am glad that I got to watch some American news because we really know what's important in our country. So I figure I might as well weigh in on the biggest news story of the last decade. Well, this and the missing flight. 

Thank you Supreme Court 

The Voter Rights act and Affirmative Action were put in place to prevent racism. If racism didn’t exist, these laws need not exist. When these laws were struck down by the Supreme Court, they were in essence declaring racism to be a non factor in our society. Isn’t it funny that a week after racism is over the Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, and Fox News and viewers Hero, Cliven Bundy, appear on tape proclaiming racism is alive and kicking while pimp slapping the Supreme Court.   

Thank you NAACP

Perhaps the funniest part is next month’s NAACP ceremony was cancelled. Donald Sterling was to receive a lifetime achievement award. How embarrassing it have been for the NAACP to give such a prestigious award to a racist. Actually, I take that back. This was going to be his SECOND lifetime achievement award from the NAACP. He already received one back in 2009.

His official title should be Public Outrage Specialist
Thank you Al Sharpton

Well at least there’s one person that’s having a good week. I really wish I had Al Sharpton’s job. Just sit around and do nothing until someone is caught on tape making a racist remark. Then go on every TV show and express your outrage on behalf of the African American community.

I know there's tons of gold diggers out there but I still dry
heave when I picture girls like this banging old men
Thank you V. Stiviano (her full legal name)

The funny part about the tape isn’t the blatent racism of Sterling but the conniving mistress. It’s hilarious listening to her egg him on while acting so sweet, naïve and innocent. If you are ever afraid of being recorded this should be a clear tell.

Maybe it's the conspiracy theorist in me but I think
Stern intentionally chose someone less attractive
than himself as a successor. 
Thank  you Adam Silver?

A lot of people are happy to see Sterling banned for life from the NBA but Adam Silver may have set a dangerous precedence. From now on is every player, coach and manager going to be given a lifetime ban if they are caught privately making a racially insensitive remark? How about an insensitive religious, sexist or homophobic slur? Or maybe this lifetime ban will only last as long as, convicted felon, George Steinbrenner’s (3 years). 

Thank you America

It bugs me how American’s think they are so progressive because we do things like boycott a Chick-fil-A or get someone fired for having a private conversation at home. But we aren’t. If we were progressive people there would have been public outrage over George Bush banning stem cell research, republican states across the country making laws to deter minority voting (thanks again Supreme Court), climate change, or Donald Sterling years ago when he had to pay out the largest housing discrimination lawsuit in history. (if you're outraged by Sterling's comments last week, Google all his alleged racist comments over the past 20 years. It will make your head spin. ) But hey, if something is buzzworthy on Twitter, Instagram or TMZ we Americans will show the rest of the world how righteous we are.

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