Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Turkey of the Year: Pro-life Republicans

I'm going to do something unprecedented this year. Instead of giving the Turkey of the Year award to just one person, I will be handing it out to tens of millions. Enjoy!

This is for Pro-Choice Republicans. This has nothing to do with Pro-Lifers (so don't send me your hate mail just yet). That will be a discussion for another day.

This is going to offend a lot people but sometimes the truth hurts.....

If you consider yourself Pro-Choice, I assume you still vote Republican because you have some belief that you will save a few dollars on taxes, you lack belief in science, your parents were Republicans or a combination of all these. But whatever reason you vote Republican, those issues are more important to you than a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body.

First, I want to explain what you are voting for when you vote Republican and against women’s rights because a lot of people don't understand what pro-life policy actually means.
Republican Policy 101:

     1. Abortion is murder
     2. Murder is against the law
     3. Murderers will be thrown in a cage and/or executed

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After....... President Donald Trump

Eight years ago I was standing on the streets of Berkeley watching the crowds celebrate the election of our countries first African American President. I expected to see a black President in my lifetime, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. Maybe it was a little too soon because we let our guards down and it gave the Right a great talking point “we have a black President, racism is over”. 
Fast forward to last night; I watched as America elected a President that was endorsed and celebrated by the Ku Klux Klan. It may seem like we’ve taken a step backwards, but the truth is, we never took that step forward.

We spent all our time patting ourselves on the back and pointing out how much better we are than everyone else. We think we are a progressive society because we shame people and get them fired for saying stupid things. Meanwhile 8 Muslim Nations have had a woman leader, we stupidly criticize someone who takes a knee in protest over injustice and inequality, and bring in tanks and mine-resistant vehicles when citizens have the audacity to march down the streets to say their lives matter, because how dare you point out that America is not perfect. USA USA USA! 
Yet, we still thought, when Trump came down that escalator calling Mexican’s racist, we are too way smart and politically correct to elect someone that would insult whole races, religions and ethnicities

If you are in total shock right now, wondering how anyone with half a brain could elect the Donald, you live in a bubble. It must have never occurred to you that there were 60 million people wondering, “how could anyone with half a brain elect Hillary Clinton.” It was the arrogance of the DNC and corporate media that conspired to trick liberals into thinking these people didn’t exist. The writing was on the wall. Heck, the writing was on the wall every day for the last decade; liberals were just too arrogant to see it. They abandoned the people. Instead of asking us what we want, they told us what we want. 

The Bad:
If you are thinking that a President can’t do too much damage because we have a system of checks and balances you are wrong (Even many Trump supporters who think some of his ideas are crazy echo this sentiment). The Donald will appoint 1-3 Supreme Court Justices and several hundred regional and district judges; the ramifications will be felt for a generation. There’s going to be a Republic Senate, Republican Supreme Court, and Republican President. Republican policy has always been to punish women for making choices about their own bodies, making it harder to vote for minorities, denying science, and using religion to create laws (like ISIS). Who’s going to be doing the checking? 

Oh I forgot one thing... the President has the complete authority to fire a Nuclear Weapon in under 30 minutes and needs ZERO approval from anyone other than their very smart brain.

Say Hello to the New First Lady of the United States of America
If you think impeachment or assassination options, you must not know anything about the Vice President. Mike Pence is a moron. My Idiot Republican Power Rankings have him tied with Sarah Palin and Rick Perry. Fortunately for him, no one really focuses on him because of the Donald. Even the people of Indiana didn’t want anything to do with him… INDIANA! If you want to find out more about him, you can use the google. I’ll give you just a little taste; He wants the government to fund conversion therapy for gay people. Your tax dollars hard at work.

On the Brightside: 
What’s the worst that could happen? 
He runs the economy into the ground and leaves America with its worst deficit in history? 
He starts capturing people and throwing them in a cage to be tortured and never get a trial?
He hinders research that will save millions of lives now and billions of lives in the future?
He isn't able to stop terrorists and they successfully carry out the worst terror attack in American history? 
He spends 300 million a day in retaliation over the next 10 years, but accidentally attacks an innocent country that had nothing to do with it?

George Bush did all that and them some and and America is still chugging along. 

It is kind of funny that the most scrutinized plan of Donald Trump will probably happen. He said he will build a wall and Mexico pay for it. Now that America has shown its true colors, Mexico will gladly build that wall to keep us out.

I got plenty more to rant about but I gotta go make a ton of photocopies of all my family's papers. Can't afford to be caught without them.

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