Sunday, January 4, 2015


Everyone knows that today is my Birthday and as I inch closer to death every year, I know there will be a day when I look in the mirror and wonder what happened to that young dashing, handsome, charismatic man. Today is not that day. I still got it!
In honor of myself I shall share my thoughts on birthdays......

Birthdays are a weird thing to celebrate. Usually you celebrate an accomplishment. Like the anniversary of starting a business, a wedding*, or a college graduation. Celebrating being born is the ultimate unaccomplishment. It is the ONE thing that everyone single person on this planet has done successfully.

But, since it is our culture to celebrate ourselves every year for not dying, why do we celebrate less as we get older? Birthdays become scarcer with each passing year. We should be celebrating harder each year. So for every special person having a birthday in 2015, time to start planning the party!

And Happy Birthday to Me!

*Occasionally there are events when people get honored and celebrated for noble, brave, or selfless acts. We admire courage and sacrifice.

That's why it's always funny when you’re at a gathering and couples stand and get honored for how long they’ve been married. I’ve seen long married couples receive the same kind of standing ovation as a wounded soldier returning from war.

Is it our sly way of congratulating couples who've sacrificed and suffered for years while still hoping the younger generation will suffer the same fate?

Disclaimer: I am happily married.

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