Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why Obama was the best choice, Again

Edit: In trying to keep this short I left a lot unsaid and I hope you use your intelligence to interpret things that are not clearly stated and you do not turn this into a political argument.

I said this 4 years ago and I’ll say it again, although it meant more last time. Regardless of your political affiliation, Barack Obama will have a greater lasting positive impact on America than any other President in the last 50 years. It may seem kind of silly to say there's a bigger picture when referencing the presidency, but there is, and I'll tell you why. First look at these 4 statistics:

1.  78% of the nation's jail and prison inmates grew up in a fatherless household

2.  About 72% of black children are raised by a single mother

3.  One in 9 black men between the ages of 20-34 is in prison

4.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics,  one in three black men  can expect to go to prison in their lifetime

The color of Obama's skin will change our country for as long as it exists, presumably until world war 3. 

There are many factors to ones success, the most important is ones beliefs.There’s going to be a new generation of children who believe, and I mean REALLY believe, they can achieve anything, even become the President of the United States. This belief, to all the generations that come, will do more to push our country in the right direction than any bills or laws that will or would have been passed.

If you disagree then you are lucky, just as I am, to have never felt true Hopelessness. 

On a lighter note:

Runner-Up for President 

Being the Presidential runner-up must be the strangest thing in the world. Usually when you get second place on a world stage it’s a big deal. If you get a silver medal or lose the super bowl there is still a sense of accomplishment. When you lose the election you go from, in just a few hours, almost being the most recognizable, powerful, prominent, feared person in the world to nothing more than a D-lister and an answer to a trivia question.

The best example I could think of is being runner-up to the prom queen. After a few years no one remembers who the runner-up was (my gf was the prom queen btw.. just thought I’d share that).

Just a random excerpt from a recent Facebook post after hearing Boehners speech:

Listening to John Boehner repeat the sentiments of Romney and all other politicians on the Right just reminds me how stupid people are. Whether raising taxes for those who make more than 250k will kill small businesses is NOT the point.

The fact is: only 3% of small businesses make more than 250k. And if you believe that raising taxes on 3% of small businesses will kill the economy then that's fine with me. But it's not okay to not know the FACTS. If you don't believe me take 30 seconds to google it or walk down the street and ask yourself how many of those shops are bringing in 250k plus profit a year.

Politicians phrase their statements the way they do because they want to manipulate the weak minded. What makes it even worse is that it works. Why can't they say "under Obama 97% of small businesses won't see tax hike and 3% of small business will, and I believe that will kill small businesses".....

I might as well answer my own question here. It's because they know most of America is too stupid and/or lazy to look up the facts and make a decision for themselves.

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