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Why I vote Republican......

There's really only a tiny part about her at the end.
But I couldn't think of any other Republican
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Before you go cast a Republican vote this mid-term election season ask yourself this, why am I voting Republican?

*Disclaimer comes early today:
This isn't intended to insult. There are a few subtle jabs but all in good fun. Neither is it intended to make an argument for voting Democrat. There’s plenty of reasons you shouldn't vote Democrat.The majority of voters pay little to no attention to politics and are often misled or misinformed by partisan propaganda. I am just really pissed off about the copious amounts of disseminated misinformation throughout the media. I people to know what they are actually voting for.

Here’s a few serious questions you should ask yourself before you cast a vote for a Republican:

Do I support discrimination against Homosexuals?
Forget gay and lesbian marriage. In 29 states you can literally be fired solely for being gay? Don’t feel bad if you didn't know this is. House Republican leader John Boehner just found this out also. But he’s not going to make any changes because he doesn't care, you vote for him anyway!

Do I support voter suppression when it comes to minorities and young people?
You would think the one thing both sides would agree on would be to get as many Americans to the polls as possible. Unfortunately, this is not the Republican platform. They have worked tirelessly the last year to suppress the votes of minority’s and young people.

I don’t think anyone needs a history lesson on how much American blood was shed in pursuit of the voter rights act of 1965. Well, last year the Supreme Court, in essence, declared racism over and got rid of a key provision of the act that requires certain states with a history of discrimination to have changes to any voting procedures approved by the federal government. Does it surprise you a day later many Republican states began passing laws to specifically target minorities and young people from voting?

While everyone with half a brain knows this to be fact, the funny thing is, some Republicans are flat out willing to admit this.
(great clip on this link from Daily Show)

(from Pax on both Houses)
Wisconsin governor signs bill ending early voting on weekends. 
When you cannot win on policy initiative -- indeed when your policies alienate women, young people, Hispanics and other minorities -- what remains is anti-democratic manipulation.

Do I want a smaller Government?
I’m not exactly sure what Smaller Government means but I assume it’s more along the lines of less government intervention.
Por Ejemplo:
Do you want your government to tell you who you can marry?
Do you want them to force you to have a child?
How about force you to have a child if you’re raped? (I wonder how much tax payer money goes into supporting children whose parents did not want them)
Should scientist be banned from studying stem cells? (Research that has directly or indirectly prolonged the life of everyone on the planet who has access to health care)
The list goes on.... Does that sound like small government? Well maybe you meant more fiscally conservative. Which brings me to my next question.

I am a fiscal conservative?
I think this is one of the main reasons people Republican. Personally, I think being fiscally conservative is a great thing. But here’s the problem, the Republicans are NOT fiscally conservative.
Even if you didn't care that the meaningless Iraq war directly caused the deaths of 200,000 souls and indirectly about 4 times that, a fiscal conservative should be outraged that over 10 years it cost us about 550 million a day!
Let me repeat that. 550 million a day!  This will continue for a long time due to interest and post war costs for veterans etc. Yet, all the Republican politicians complain about is food stamps and welfare. Sure would have been nice to see some of that money go to education or infrastructure. At least the Iraq war wasn't all bad. Dick Cheney still got his 30 million dollar down payment from Halliburton to send us to war. Plus the shareholders got rich when Halliburton’s stock sky rocketed as a result.
If you look at the chart below you can clearly see that the deficit has been awful under Republican rule.

Here’s a quick summary at what you’re looking at on this chart.
Clinton leaves office and our country is profiting 236 billion a year with a projection of 5.6 trillion surplus over the next 10 years.
In 8 years Bush manages to take a country that is making 236 billion a year and hand over to Obama a country that is losing $1.3 trillion per year. It’s amazing that Obama was able to, not only stabilize our bleeding economy, but cut the deficit in half.

If this confuses you from the hackneyed Obama national debt narrative, you probably don’t know the difference between the debt and the deficit.The debt is just a byproduct of the deficit.

Do I want to support the job creators?
The unemployment chart below is no surprise. Unemployment was rising until Clinton got into office. It declined under Clinton and then began rising again under Bush, to the point where it sky rocketed at the end of his term. When Obama stepped into office on January 20, 2009 the country lost over 750,000 jobs that month and about 700,000 jobs in each of the three months preceding. Needless to say we were heading off a cliff with no bottom in sight.
Good news is, the most recent jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the month of September has the unemployment rate below 6% and job creation at 250,000. In Obama's 6 years we went from losing 750,000 jobs a month to creating 250,000 jobs a month.

Republicans will stop Obama care?
The Republicans voted to repeal Obama Care, aka The Affordable Care Act, unsuccessfully 45 times. Here’s what they refused to vote on: Gun control, immigration, the budget, etc. etc. They refused to do their jobs to the extent the government shut down.
All statistics show that it is working. But I don’t need empirical data to tell me that. You know how I know? The last two years all we heard about is how Obama Care will be Armageddon for our country, not an exaggeration. Remember the death panels? Mid-term elections are tomorrow and we haven’t heard a peep from the Republicans about it.

Is Climate Change Real?
Here's a hypothetical question:
Let’s say that you did’t believe in science or any kind of empirical data. So if 97 percent of doctors say you need medicine you wouldn’t believe them because Fox News told you it was some kind of liberal conspiracy (Coincidently, 97 percent of climate scientists have concluded that climate change is manmade). Would you at least be okay with allowing them to study this?
There are many Republicans in Congress trying to block the STUDY of climate change (I wonder why....). Can’t we at least all agree that it should be studied?

Should my children be taught about evolution and sexual education?

I’ll make this simple. If you want your children to be taught about evolution or contraception do NOT vote for a Republican.
If you want them to be taught the Bible version of creation and given zero sex education vote Republican.

Republicans are better at foreign policy?
Republicans are better equipped to handle terrorism and war. Based on what?
How easily we forget that the worst terrorist attack in our history, since the slaughter of the Indians, came under the watch of a Republican presidency. What ensued was even worse. They lied to us and then attacked a country that had nothing to do with 9-11. Leading to the death of thousands of US soldiers, injuries to tens of thousands, and causing hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. The cost of this death and destruction was only about 550 million dollars a day of tax payer money. And they never caught the guy responsible.

What about Benghazi? Nothing about Benghazi, other than the Embassy was attacked and 4 people were killed. Yet the Republicans and Fox News spent tens of millions trying to convince you there was a conspiracy. And the truth is, it worked!
During the Bush presidency there were 13 attacks of US Embassy’s and over 60 fatalities. How much news coverage did that get?

Did you know?
There's many more lies out there but I don't have time to get into it all. So a couple quick things:

Obama has been good for your second amendment rights.

Senate Republican leader Mitch Mcconnell started devising a strategy to get Obama out of office before he was even sworn in. He made his sentiments public in 2010 when he said. "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." 
Think about that for a second. The single MOST IMPORTANT thing the Republicans wanted to achieve....... Not healthcare, poverty, employment, or security. 

The Republicans know they have no reason to impeach Obama so they announced they are going to sue him. There has been no lawsuit and two firms have quit because the Republicans are wasting all your time and money.

Ebola is not and never will be "airborne". 

CDC's budget was cut because of the Republican congress. Which increases your chances of catching Ebola.

Last But Not Least
Remember that tiny little thing the Republicans did in 2008? Trying to put Sarah Palin a heartbeat from the presidency? Just because a party was unsuccessful at accomplishing the worst mistake in American election history, doesn't mean they should be let off the hook so easily.

I concede that everything above does not necessarily reflect the views of every single republican. But, these are all republican policies and is true for the vast majority.

I appreciate any Republicans reading through these points with an open mind. I'm sure most Republicans have the right ideas about government. The problem is, Republican leaders have changed and no longer support sensible policy. All the reasons you used to vote Republican no longer exist. Most importantly, if you don't agree with the policies above, don't vote Republican. It's better to not vote then vote for something you know is wrong.

See you at the polls....... and if you're young or a minority you, don't be surprised if you can't vote  the same way you did the last 50 years because of the new restrictions.

Thanks for reading and please share or retweet for anyone you think would benefit.

Fun Fact:
Ronald Regan was an average president by every measure of public opinion during his presidency and many years after. When Reagan took over the presidency the National Deficit was 74 Billion. By 1986 Our deficit was over 200 billion. He had tripled the amount of money we were losing each year. In his 8 years, the United States moved from being the world's largest international creditor to the largest debtor nation.

So why do all Republicans wax poetically about the Ronald Regan Presidency?
Neoconservative activist Grover Norquist and friends began an “active, mapped-out, audacious campaign to spread a distorted vision of Reagan’s legacy across America.” – see below
Also known as, the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project. Guess what? It worked!

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