Thursday, March 10, 2016

More welfare please

What would happen if you refused to pay your taxes?
Democrats and Republicans agree that you’d go to jail.

Here’s another thing they agree on…
What would happen if a corporation refuses to pay taxes? They don’t have to pay them.

U.S. Corporations currently have an estimated $2.1 trillion in untaxed profits. They refuse to pay taxes unless we lower the rate from 35% to 10%. Obviously the Democrats and Republicans are planning to pass a bill so they get their wishes. We will be giving $400 Billion in corporate welfare.

If you really think the Democrats, Republicans, or the President aren’t ruled by the corporations that elected them then I got a climate scientist that doesn’t believe in climate change to sell you.
Stop being a sucker and believing the myth of Reaganomics. None of this corporate money will trickle down to you. None of it will create jobs. None of it will help the economy. The only trickle you will feel is the piss on your forehead.

Funny thing is, we did this corporate welfare in 2004 and the largest companies made a 22,000% return on the welfare. Did that money help create jobs? Of course not, they shipped 60k jobs overseas.

Does anyone really think the Donald, Cruz, Rubio or Hillary want to stop their gravy train?

Feel the Bern….

Here's a look at how much Walmart benefits from corporate welfare

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