Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Iran Nuclear Deal in less than 2 minutes

The Iran Nuclear Deal has gone into effect. Because of the dissemination of misinformation by the Republican party, many people are still unsure what this means. If you are in the dark, don’t worry, Uncle Fireball has got you covered in less than 2 minutes....

Here’s what all experts, Democrats and Republicans, agree on:

Before the Iran Deal, Iran was a 2-3 months away from a nuclear weapon.

The 6 countries that agreed to the deal are Germany, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Iran having a nuclear weapon would be a disaster.

In WWII the US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. Atomic bombs are babies compared to Hydrogen bombs. A Hydrogen bomb is thousands of times more powerful. For scale, if Iran were to drop a Hydrogen Bomb on Berlin, windows in London would be shattered.

Iran's progress on building a Nuclear Weapon:

Iran has been working on building a nuclear weapon for decades.

Highly enriched uranium is used to make a nuclear weapon.

Centrifuges are used to turn regular uranium into enriched uranium.

Iran went from zero centrifuges to 19k centrifuges in the last 15 years.

Using these centrifuges, Iran has made about 8.5 tons of low enriched Uranium. If further enriched, this amount of Uranium could make 7 nuclear weapons. 

A nuclear reactor can turn uranium into weapons grade plutonium which can also be used for a Nuke. 

Facts of the Iran Deal and how it affects Iran’s nuclear progress:
Iran has been stockpiling this 8.5 tons of low enriched uranium for decades with the intention of building a nuclear weapon. Thanks to the deal they have had to get rid of 98% of it.
Iran has had 14k centrifuges shut down.  

Iran's sole nuclear reactor capable of creating weapons grade plutonium has been filled with cement.

Iran will NOT be able to make a Nuclear Weapon without it's enriched uranium or plutonium. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make a bomb without these.

So is the deal a good thing?

It depends who you ask. If you do not want to give Iran a couple more months so they can build a Nuclear Weapon and have the power to kill millions of people, then you unequivocally want the deal.

However, if you want to allow Iran more time to get their Nuclear Weapon so there will be more war, death, and corporate profits then you don't want the deal.

It is very sad the Republican establishment has been able to convince more than a 100 million people to want the latter. Do not be one of those fools that everyone laughs at when you are not in the room.

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