Thursday, December 18, 2014

Is Colin Kaepernick Regressing?

Harbaughs biggest mistake was doing such a good job that the
expectations were unrealistic. Hopefully, the Niners will luck
out and get a monster trade. John Gruden was traded for two first
round picks and two second round picks.... I'm just sayin......
It was a sad weekend for Bay Area football fans. The Niners were officially eliminated from the playoffs. After three straight NFC title games this will be the first early off season since the Alex Smith era.

Since we live in the "right now" millennium, we are not allowed to have mediocre season without panic, Time to blame the Quarterback!

As any stupid football fan knows, the first person blamed should be the QB. Who cares if he’s had four playoff wins, two NFC championship appearances, one Super Bowl appearance **, and only one full season. He has such great weapons and hasn't done crap.

Well, let's first dispel a myth. The “great” receiving quartet of Anquan Boldin, Stevie Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, Michael Crabtree, have made a combined total of ONE Pro Bowl since 2009. If you count this year, that is ONE Pro Bowl in 24 years. The Pro Bowl isn’t everything, but it is something. And you can’t be “great” if you’ve only made it once in 24 years.

Steve Smith,'s wife Angie
before their alleged threesome

During that time period here’s a few receivers that made Pro Bowls: Mike Wallace, Dwayne Bowe, Miles Austin twice, Sidney Rice, and Steve Smith (the former NY Giant Steve Smith. Not to be confused with the 5-time Pro Bowler Steve Smith (see right). who was recently asked about his stamina, to which he replied, “You can ask my wife (see right) about my stamina".

Kap’s receivers are last in the league with percentage of YAC (yards after catch) to total yards. Meaning the receivers aren’t getting many yards after the catch. Next time someone tells you the Niners have a “great” receiving corps, tell them they are an idiot.

Those days of Gore carrying the team on his back are over.
He's barely older than I am now. 
Niners are 13th in total team rushing yards. And that is with more than a quarter of the yardage coming from the QB. 

As for the Offensive Line?
Here’s a better synopsis that I could come up with, by Orly Roise Jr,
Start with Alex Boone, who held out all of preseason for a new contract. The result? Boone didn’t really take his starting spot back until several games into the season. Tackle Anthony Davis? He’s missed half a season with a variety of injuries. How about the starting centers? Daniel Kilgore suffered a broken leg against Denver back on Oct 19 and is out for the year, leaving rookie Marcus Martin to take over. Martin injured his knee against the Raiders, meaning Joe Looney, who began the season at right guard for Boone, made his first ever start this past weekend against Seattle. Mike Iupati? Yep, he missed some time with a concussion too.”

I believe Kap is saying to Smith,,
"good thing Niners didn't draft Rodgers"
Remember 2011 when Alex Smith was praised for having his greatest year ever and winning his first playoff game in 7 years?

2011 Alex Smith 61% comp, 17 TD, 5 INT, 3144 yards playing in the worst divisions in football.

2014 Colin Kaepernick is on pace for a 61% comp, 19 TD, 11 INT, 3500 yards, plus another 500 rushing playing in the best division in football and the best defensive division the league has seen in decades.

I think you get my point:

Expectations are the root of all evil. You tend to give a lot more slack to those who aren't very talented.
Kap hasn't had a good season. But, considering the shortcomings of all the players around him, he’s still held it together fairly well. If the Niners fix the rest of the problems he will be just fine next year.

There aren't very many any successful QB's with below average running game, offensive line, and wide receivers. not named Rodgers, Brees or Manning.

** Just Missed a Dynasty

Super Bowl 2012 vs the Ravens. The non-call pass interference on Crabtree in the endzone could have easily gone the other way. It was a coin flip call that resulted in the Ravens hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Last year the Niners had to travel on the road for 3 straight playoff games. Even though referees gave Seattle 3 extra possessions (see below), the Niners were still only a fingertip away from one of the most impressive runs in playoff history.

The reason the Niners had to travel on the road for 3 straight playoff games?
Ahmad Brooks "illegal" hit on Drew Brees that cost the Niners the game,
first place in the NFC West, a first round bye, homefield advantage,
and a Super Bowl win over the Broncos.

Video of the most egregious biased officiated football not race related.

clip with audio

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