Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bernie Who?

Also invented the Flux Capacitor 
Tonight the national media will be forced to cover a candidate that scares the hell out of them. This candidate draws substantially larger crowds and has raised 10-100x the amount of money from small donations as the presidential "front-runners".

The media intentionally avoids giving him any coverage because his message resonates so clearly with the middle class, that he could take the election in a landslide and bust up the establishment.

Six months ago I would have had  to be back on the crack to write this blog. However, in the last half year there's been a grassroots movement building mostly by young college educated peoples, that if you turn on your TV for news, you've missed. Tonight will be the first time this movement gets some national attention.
It will undoubtedly be cast aside tomorrow for the political clowns on the right and more talk about emails.

But......... as each month passes and this young kid from Vermont continues to matriculate in the polls, Corporate America will no longer be able to shun him. In the next six months I expect the Senator to emerge from obscurity much like Andy Dufresne did after crawling through five football fields of shit smelling foulness that I can't even imagine, and teach the country that the definition of the word "electability" isn't decided by corporations!

Bernie Sanders for President???

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