Thursday, September 10, 2015

NFL Opening Night!!!

Great match-up for opening night. Brady gets his punishment lifted for cheating in last years NFC championship game. Then an expose comes out about how much the Pats cheated from 2000-2007, evidence was destroyed, and the punishment was light considering they won 3 championships on the back of the cheating.

On the other side of the ball Big Ben has two legitimate championships under his belt, as well as two legitimate sexual assault allegations. *

Meanwhile the line has moved from -3.5 to -7. That means Vegas and the professionals all believe the Golden Boy is worth 3.5 points more than a guy that has thrown 27 career passes in the NFL.

However, I still enjoy the idiots who think Brady is on the same level as all-time greats like Rodgers and Manning, solely because they give him 90% of the credit for victories.

I've said it a million times, we stopped being stupid about considering wins and losses for a starting pitcher a meaningful stat. When are we going to realize the same for a quarterback that is one, albeit the most important, of a eleven players when he or she is on the field, which is only about 45% of the time?

*one of the alleged sexual assaults went down like this:
One of Big Ben's bodyguards dragged the intoxicated alleged victim into a bathroom where Ben was waiting naked. The woman's friends tried to get into the bathroom but his bodyguard was blocking the door and wouldn't let them in.

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