Thursday, November 19, 2015

Turkey of the Year

I had planned to put this out for thanksgiving but Bobby didn't respect my schedule and dropped out early. So happy early Thanksgiving and to all a good night.

And please do not go to Black Friday, your time is worth more than that.

Bobby Jindal became the first Indian American elected governor in the US and is arguably the worst governor in the country. However, this is not the reason he is getting this dubious award.

The constitution provides citizenship to anyone born in the United States. Bobby Jindal, much like most republican presidential candidates, wants to crap on the constitution and start deporting AMERICAN Citizens. Basically, under this policy, if your parent(s) wasn’t a citizen then you are not a citizen unless you you went through the naturalization process to become a citizen.

Bobby Jindal is the son of immigrants from India. He was born in the United States 4 months after his parents had immigrated and neither were citizens. He changed his first name from "Piyush" to "Bobby", after the youngest brother of the Brady Bunch.

Here’s the best part:

If Bobby Jindal were elected President and somehow managed to amend the constitution to his liking, he would no longer be a citizen and be subject to be deportation.

As stupid as he is, I got to hand it to the guy, he sticks to his guns. He hates brown people so much that he is willing to deport himself to make this a better country. He reminds me a lot of Samuel Jackson's character in Django.

If you think that’s a little harsh, check out his self-portrait in the governor’s office.

Yes, he sees himself as white guy. Even his presidential campaign slogan suggests that he’s not naturally brown:

“Tanned. Rested. Ready."

Yes, that's his real campaign slogan. He's "tanned" not brown.

Congratulations Bobby. In a field full of morons, you have managed to stand out and win the Turkey of the Year award.

This topic reminds me of a famous Dave Chappelle skit.

These links are a little more clear picture.

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