Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pardon for The Donald

This is going to be another unpopular ruling, but I’m going to have pardon The Donald again. For one to have a private conversation between them and their douchebag friend publicly scrutinized is unfair. To be clear, I’m not pardoning him on being a sleazebag. Only for being scrutinized on his private conversation.

There’s a big difference between talk and action. It seems like everyone with half a brain has concluded that nothing he ever says is true, yet somehow we believe all the things he said to Billy Bush on a bus? I’ve personally heard, over 700 times, men reference sexual things they did or would do to attractive females that weren’t true. Sure, Trump’s makes misogynist comments, but don’t most guys? Anyone ever listen to Rap?
Too be clear again, I’m not saying it’s right. But its a fact of our society.

I wonder how people would react if there was a leaked tape of Barack calling Michelle a dirty a little whore while spanking her.

What kind of things did Bill Clinton say to his friend?

What rhetoric do you use around friends in private?

A douche said something douchie to his douchie douchebag friend. Let's leave it at that.

Previous Pardon of the Donald:

This is going to upset a lot of people but I am going to have to pardon Donald Trump on his tax returns. I have never known a person that didn't do everything in their power to pay as little tax possible. Taking as many lawful deductions as possible is one of the most American things we do.
The lack of taxes paid are the fault of the system, not the people who take advantage of it. Hillary and everyone else do the same thing with business deduction losses. It's just that most people aren't as horrible at business as The Donald, so they don't have as many losses write off.

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