Thursday, April 30, 2015

Police Brutality

Here's some fun police brutality statistics. Some of these police misconduct settlement stats do not include the tens of millions paid in legal fees. This is just a handful of many cities that have paid out a ton of tax payer money.

Baltimore $11.5 million last 4 years, the reason this number is so “low” is because there is a $200,000 statutory limit in Maryland for most lawsuits against a municipality

Philadelphia paid more than $40 million last 5 years

LA $54 million last 4 years, includes negligence and other claims

New York City $428 million last 5 years, $732 million in legal costs mostly from claims of police abuse, negligence and hiring discrimination in just ONE year from June 2013-June 2014  

Chicago $521 million last 10 years

These numbers are so big they can be hard to imagine so the best way is to picture $200 worth of ass kicking and multiply it by millions. At the end of the day you have a lot of kicked ass and tired cops. Probably the most impressive thing about all this is, with all the ass kicking going around, you never see any brutality on the show Cops..... what are the odds?

UCD police officer John Pike pepper spraying handcuffed students during a protest. He was awarded $38,055  due to claims of psychiatric trauma he received due to the after affects of the pepper spraying incident. 

One last thought. Next time there's a protest and you're arguing with your conservative friend and he/she says how violence is not the answer. Ask him/her why we are always killing people and blowing things up in other countries.

Be careful out there kids.....

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