Thursday, April 9, 2015

Walking Dead Season Finally

Since season two of The Walking Dead something has rubbed me the wrong way but I couldn't put my finger on it. After watching the season finale it finally hit me....  All the characters suck! When one of the "main" characters die, I could care less. Remember last seasons shocking season finally when Beth was killed because she decided to risk everyone's lives in the hallway by poking that lady with those kid scissors. Do we miss her character? (Wasn't it was kinda pervy how Rick left his son and infant daughter to rescue a young blonde?)

None of the characters are the slightest bit interesting or charismatic. Every time someone is killed my first thought is, "eh, he/she was kinda annoying anyway."
That is not how one should feel when an integral character die (this has nothing to do with me not being in touch with my emotions). The only reason why the show is so popular is because we have an obsession with surviving in a post apocalyptic world where we can start over and pretend like we are a useful resource.

Think about all the characters that have died and your first thought is probably, "I kinda remember her". 

It would be a travesty if Daenery's were to fall
Since the end of Walking Dead marks the beginning of Game of Thrones, contrasting the two should serve as a good example.

It was thrilling when Ned Stark, Geoffrey, Rob Stark, the Viper and even the Dog died. When characters die in Game of Thrones the internet explodes and years later it still sticks with.

Thank the Gods Walking Dead is over and Game of Thrones is about to be begin!

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