Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I apologize for all the political blogs lately but I've been busy planning and executing Mexico's annexation of yours truly. Hopefully leaving the States will help me get my mind off the pinheads that run my old country.

Back in 2011 Congress negotiated the sequester to force them to negotiate with themselves. The analogy in their mind would be as if they were locking themselves in a room with a limited amount of air and they couldn't come out until they negotiated a deal. But the reality is more like Americans were locked in the room and Congress was out golfing. In other words, they set it up so we would suffer if they fail to do their jobs. And that our suffering would force them to work.

Defense, Education, Medicare will all see cuts along with myriad of other programs. Who won’t see cuts? Congress! Their $174,000 salary is exempt. How much you want to bet that if Congress salary were part of the sequestration that we’d have a deal by now? This could have been much simpler. Instead of the sequester how about Congress salary gets lowered to $50,000 until they do their job. But that’s wishful thinking. Why should they suffer for their failures when they have the power to make you pay for their mistakes? (The power you give them every time you cast a vote)

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