Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Letter to Hillary

Dear Hillary,

That Berning sensation you are feeling is not the usual one you get from your husband Bill. There is no cream or pill for this. It will only get stronger and more uncomfortable as each day passes. You cannot stop the Bern any more than the Resistance can stop the First Order from building another Death Star.

Informed Voters of America

Polling from Feb 2015 Iowa:
Hillary Clinton 68 percent 
Bernie 7 percent

Yesterday: Hillary 49.9% Bernie 49.6%

Voters under 30:
Hillary 14%
Bernie 84%

Voters 30-44:
Hillary 37%
Bernie 58%

Voters 45-64:
Hillary 58%
Bernie 35%

Senior Citizens:
Hillary 69%
Bernie 26%

Bernie Blog from October..... Feel the Bern!

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