Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is Daniel Tosh Gay?

Is Daniel Tosh gay?

Certain topics require a disclaimer and this is obviously one of them. So let me preface this with saying I do not have a problem with Gay people. In fact, I prefer them because it's less competition for me. The more lesbians means a greater chance of me encountering a threesome. I think..... Well, I'm not sure actually, I might have to rethink that one. Regardless, Homosexuals are alright by me.

Daniel Tosh's ex

Daniel Tosh's current

Now back to Daniel Tosh. I hear people asking this question often and there seems to be a split. On one hand he has a hot ex-girlfriend (pictured above and left.... also see below for other notable gay celebrities). On the other hand he tries to incorporate as many homoerotic skits into Tosh.O as possible. Some would say that only a gay person would do that. The more liberal say that he's doing it just for comedy and it shows how comfortable he is in his sexuality. So who’s right?

When a man is comfortable with his sexuality he could care less about homosexual innuendo. Daniel Tosh has taken “let me show the world how comfortable I am with my sexuality” to an extreme. It's the old trick of doing something that is so obvious it obviously can't be the case.

The other night I was doing sit-ups while watching Tony Little and trying to come up with a good analogy. This is what came to mind:

It’s like in middle school when you liked a girl and tried to keep it a secret. The more you deny it the more you get teased. However, taking the opposite approach often works best. For example, when you get teased for liking Stardasia then you reply, “oh yeah, she’s amazing, I love her, she's hotter than *Samantha. If you keep playing the overly obvious card people eventually think you are joking.

And that is what our good friend Daniel Tosh is doing. Always remember that whenever someone goes out of their way to show you something they have an ulterior motive. So if you see him or run into him on twitter (@danieltosh), please let him know that we know, and everything is ok.

*character played by a young Allysa Milano in who’s the boss

Here's a few other notable celebrities with *Gay Beards.

Richard Gere was married to Cindy Crawford

Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes

John Travolta is married to Kelly Preston

Daniel Tosh's Gay Beard was Megan Abrigo

Daniel getting a massage

* a Gay Beard is a man or woman used as cover for a gay partner


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